Technical Support

Renew membership subscription

To maintain your account active, please follow next steps: 1. Login to your Swiss Gold Global account 2. Go to My Subscriptions menu 3. Select Manage My Subscriptions tab - renew membership 4. Place the payment If you have any question please contact us!

What is an Affiliate Member?

What do I get for my subscription as a Member of Swiss Gold Global? An Affiliate is a Member who chooses to buy at least a Basic Starter Package. 1. No Sell back fee for Active Members 2. No Storage fee for Active Members 3. First order processing and compliance fee included Our Affiliate reward program means Members can build cash flow and securely convert commissions directly into Bitcoin and Swiss certified gold and silver, in other words you are being “Paid to Save”. What a...

Can’t access my account

There can be different reasons why your login fails: 1. You may need to clear cache and cookies. Most web browsers temporarily store a local copy of every page you visit. Clearing your cache deletes those files and makes room for new ones. Go to the "Cache" or "Temporary Internet Files" option on your browser (on Firefox, go to "Tools" and choose "Clear Private Data"; if you use Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" and choose "Internet Options"), and delete the files stored in your cache. If you a...

Forgot password

You can contact us at or You access the forgot password module.

How can I change my password?

Here are the details to change your password. Please follow next steps: * Login in your Swiss Gold Global account with the credentials that we have emailed you * Go to „My Subscription” menu – „My Profile” tab * Scroll down and you will find „Reset Password” option * Type and Re-type your new password and press „Request Key” button * Check your email (also spam folder) and you will receive a security code * Insert the security code in the „Security code” box and press „Update pass...

How to generate a gift certificate and how can I use it?

Here is how you can generate a Gift Certificate: 1. Log into your account Swiss Global Gold 2. Go to "My Business Center" - select "My Dashboard" - the "Gift Certificate" 3. Choose the type of gift certificates that you want to use it (for gold, silver, Membership, to sign someone etc.) add mail address to receive the code and then generate the code by pressing "Submit" It is not enough to generate a gift certificate, you must use it. To renew membership 1. Go to My Subscriptions ...

Second card approval

According to Swiss Regulation each card that is used on our platform needs to fulfill the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirements. In order to complete this process, also under „My Subscriptions” menu select „Add a new card” and complete the information for your new card and send the form to us. Here are the steps on how to confirm the card you already used on the platform : 1. Login you your Swiss Gold Global account 2. Go to My Subscriptions menu 3. Renew membership - place the order usin...

Payment error code

30511001 Insufficient funds 30041001 Retain card. 30141001 Invalid card number 30331001 Card expired 30541001 Card expired 30401001 Invalid function 30411001 Lost card 30431001 Stolen card. Pick up. 30521001 No Authorisation. Please contact your card issuer. 30571001 Transaction not permitted on card" 30051001 Authorisation declined

Why do I receive a Credit Card Failed Order message

This would appear to be an external banking payment error connected to the type of card you are using, and if the card and or account connected to it is authorized for international transactions. We occasionally see this error and more so with Pre-Paid type cards from 3rd party issuers. We have found that the card holder needs to contact their card issuing bank and have it approved for International transactions. We advise that you contact your bank and have the card approved for Interna...

I want to close my Swiss Gold Global account. What are the steps?

In order to deactivate your membership please follow next steps: 1. Login to your Swiss Gold Global account 2. Go to „My Subscriptions” menu – „Manage My Subscriptions” tab 3. Press „Deactivate Monthly Autoship” button You can be inactive for a period of 12 consecutive months. At any time in this period, at your request, we can reactivate/restore your account. After 12 months of inactivity the account will be deleted and you can sign in as a new member with a new account