How We Set Prices

Swiss Gold Global is committed to fair and transparent pricing of precious metals. For every order you submit, the price is recorded in the order history module based on Argor - Heraeus LBMA transaction price at the time of the order. 

This means the price of your precious metals will be set by the Refinery London Bullion Market pricing at the time of the order is transacted. 

For the purchase of grams/troy ounces is through our Swiss Gold & Silver Saver programs, the price of your precious metals is the Refinery LBMA transaction price plus 2.97% margin. (1% of this margin is paid out into the Affiliate program) 

For purchases made with credit card a 4% international transaction fee is charged meaning that $1,000 order will have 2.97% ($29.70) + 4% ($40.00) credit card fee deducted from order value leaving a net order value of $930.30. 

There is no third party 4% Banking merchant fee applied when buying from your commissions with a Gift Certificate or with a Bankwire.