Swiss Gold & Silver Saver Programs

Welcome to one of the most valuable services provided to our Members. Through these programs, you can accumulate precious metals with a monthly payment as low as $25 - or as high as you wish.

You set the amount, and the date each month. (These can be changed at any time). Each month, when your payment is processed you are allocated the amount of gold or silver available for that sum, minus a margin 2.97%. The pricing is based on the Argor - Heraeus Swiss Refinery LBMA BUY price. Learn more about pricing here. 

In addition to your automatic monthly savings, you can choose to make individual purchases of grams of gold or silver at any time.

*An additional 4% 3rd party Banking transaction fee will be charged unless the purchase is made by Bank wire or with an approved Swiss Gold Global Gift Certificate issued from the Affiliate`s available commissions.