KYC application deny reason

1. Missing pages. Please send us all the pages of the Account Confirmation and Credit Card Authorization form. 
2. Incorrect signatures. If the card owner is different than the account owner, please note that each of them has a different designated line and space to sign. 
If the account owner is the same with the card owner, please make sure you use the same signature. 
3. Documents have to be readable. Please make sure when you scan the documents or take a photo that the documents can be read. 
4. ID valid. Please make sure the uploaded identity document has a valid expire date. 
5. ID for second beneficial. If you add a second beneficial to your account please note that we will need an identity document for them. 
6. Company documents. If you are registering the account on your company, please make sure to provide us the registration license and the document where the owners of the company are listed.