What is a production conversion fee?

We have designed a simple but fair gold and silver accumulation program for all people regardless of their physical location. As we are unable to physically securely ship precious metals to some Countries as the courier companies will NOT guarantee or insure the shipment the order process to physical metals is a two-step process. While this may add another step to the order process we believe the benefits in flexibility in liquidation and keeping costs to the minimum out way this. As an example a person in Nigeria will be able to diversify their income into Swiss gold and silver and have it stored in Dubai UAE or Switzerland. At any time they can request a sell back or convert to a physical product in the shopping cart for personal pick up in Dubai UAE or Zurich Switzerland or shipping to an approved address. 

Step 1. 
Buy Gold Silver - all Members buy their Swiss produced and certified Argor – Heraeus gold and silver at wholesale price of 2.97% above the market spot price. Example: $500 order, minus 2.97% $14.85, $485.15 in precious metal bullion will be added to your account. Credit card purchase fee (Bankwire NO fee charged) An additional 4% credit card fee is charged by the credit card merchant providers. As we only charge 2.97% above the LBMA refinery buy price, 1% is paid to Affiliates, the credit card order processing fees are paid by the user. Example: $500 order, minus 2.97% ($14.85) margin, minus 4% CC fee ($20) $34.85. $465.15 in precious metal bullion will be added to your account. 4% FEE IS NOT CHARGED WITH BANKWIRE ORDERS. NET FUNDS RECEIVED IN THE BANKWIRE ARE USED FOR THE PURCHASE LESS 2.97% 

Step 2. 
Select product for shipping - depending upon the amount of grams / ounces you have accumulated in your account will determine what products you can select for shipping. Example: If you have 5grams of gold and want to select 50gram bar it is not possible as you have insufficient physical metal purchased, however you could select smaller weight products or continue to accumulate sufficient grams / ounces to select your desired product for shipping. 

You have already purchased the precious metal, conversion from bullion to a selected collectible or bar requires production costs. You will pay from $20 per unit for this production.