Do I pay Import Duty and Taxes on Gold and Silver?

There are many variables that determine if import duty and or taxes are payable upon the importation of precious metal. 

In general silver will attract import duty and or taxes as it is classified as an industrial metal. Gold 999.9 Fineness personal investment may not. Import duty and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. If you encounter import duty and or taxes we advise you to ask the customs agent for the specific regulation that determines the fees. On occasion we have experienced our Members being incorrectly charged VAT or taxes on gold. When the Customs Agent was questioned for the specific regulation they also discovered that there was zero duty on gold. 

If you wish to first check if VAT or Taxes are charged you may contact your local FedEx Agent or Government authority and provide them with this information; 
  - Personal investment gold and silver 
  - Order value 
  - Gold Harmonized shipping code: 7108.121 (Argor – Heraeus assayed gold 999.9 Fineness) 
  - Silver Harmonized shipping code: 7118.10 (Argor – Heraeus assayed silver 999.0 Fineness) 

We will issue a Commercial invoice specifying the above specifics. In the US and EU this has prevented people from having to pay import duty. 

If your Swiss Gold Global 2.0 account is in a company or trust name, any duty or taxes will be claimable.