Can’t access my account

There can be different reasons why your login fails: 
1. You may need to clear cache and cookies. Most web browsers temporarily store a local copy of every page you visit. Clearing your cache deletes those files and makes room for new ones. Go to the "Cache" or "Temporary Internet Files" option on your browser (on Firefox, go to "Tools" and choose "Clear Private Data"; if you use Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" and choose "Internet Options"), and delete the files stored in your cache. If you are still having this error you also have to clear your cookies also. It may seem too technical but this are internet bugs, and our platform has a very high level of security and do not accept them. In order for you to do this you have to follow the same process for clearing cache and select also to clear cookies. 

2. Please make sure if you copy/paste the username and password to make sure you do not have any space (at the beginning or at the end). Also we advise to use browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. In order to offer you an exact solution of your situation please send us at a print screen with the error/message you get.

3.Or If your account have been inactive for more than 2 consecutive months, the system automatically deactivated. We can reactivate it for you in order for you to be able to check your precious metals and renew your membership subscription. Please notify us at