What does "Open-Ended" contract mean?

The specific duration of an Open-Ended contract is variable and determined by three factors: 
The mining difficulty, the Bitcoin vs USD exchange rates and the maintenance fee (This includes all electricity, cooling, development and servicing costs). 

We cannot control the first two factors which are unpredictable, but we do always deploy the latest mining technology, and do our best to keep it running at their maximum capability for you. 

In the event of a contract becoming unprofitable (i.e. the payout can’t cover the maintenance fee), the resulting daily payout will be zero. 

After that, the contract will continue to mine for 60 days. This means that we will take care of the maintenance fee in the hope that your contract becomes profitable again. This may happen if the mining network difficulty decreases and/or Bitcoin price increases. 

If the contract does not return to profitability in this period it will be terminated because the mining machines are consuming resources (electricity, cooling, hosting, servicing, etc.) which cannot be paid with their generated payouts. 

By accepting these terms I understand the risk associated with buying Bitcoin Mining and have made a conscious decision to Mine Bitcoin in accordance to these terms. I also understand my other option is purchase Bitcoin outright and do not mine for it.